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When it comes to your brand, choosing the right domain name can make all the difference.

We offer a select group of domain names that will help establish your home on the world wide web and place you on the right path to securing a Solid Brand.

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All of our domain names have a set price which includes standar transfer fees.

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Acquiring one of our Domain Names is safe and secure.  Our transactions are processed through will cover the standard transaction cost. offers a Concierge Service for an additional charge. If you choose to use the Concierge Service, they will hold the domain securely in's registrar account throughout the transaction and ensure safe delivery to the buyer.

Many buyers and sellers prefer the security of an independent third party completing the transfer of the domain on their behalf. will manage the receipt of both the funds and the domain into's secure accounts, check the domain against the purchase agreement and complete the transfer to the buyer for security at every stage in the transaction. holds accounts with all major registrars and can usually receive and transfer the domain via push.


For selected domains over $3,000, SolidBrand offers the option to make payment installments for up to 4 months.  You can enjoy the benefits of having the domain redirect to your site immediately. Once your last installment is received, will transfer the domain to your registrar of choice.  Please note all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.  Your payments will be handled as a lease-to-own option. If at any point during the installments period you decide not continue with the purchase, will continue to redirect the domain to your site until the end of the paid period is reached and subsequently will stop and cancel the transaction. No refunds will be issued.

If you are not ready to buy, a lease option is available. You may inquire by filling our contact form.


Some of our domains are only available for lease. Through our Lease Program, you will be able to secure and start using the domain almost immediately.  Prices vary depending on the domain value.  Most domains start at $100 US Dollars per month for the first year, $150 US Dollars per month for the second year and will increase 5% on a yearly basis on year three and beyond. Most contracts have a term of 1 to 5 years.

If SolidBrand chooses to make the domain available for purchase, the lease holder will have first option of purchase at any time during the lease term or upon expiration of the lease term. If the lease holder chooses not to buy the domain, the domain will no longer redirect to the leaser's website and will become available for purchase by a third party unless an extension of terms is negotiated.

The lease contract is subject to cancelation due to failure to make payments on time, using the domain in a negative way that includes illegal activities, copyright or trademark violations, or used to misrepresent a business, person or entity.

If you are interested in leasing please contact us.

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